International cooperation and partnership

GPO-Healthcare is convinced that international cooperation is essential to achieve internationally competitive pricing for its member hospitals in the Dutch market. For this reason GPO-Healthcare has established contacts with other GPO’s in other countries in Europe and the USA. GPO-Healthcare has the ambition to establish a global international network of GPO’s, with the objective to share experiences, expertise and (pricing) information.

In Europe, GPO-Healthcare has in December 2010 set a step in the process of internationalization by signing a cooperation agreement with EKK and CCC from Germany.

In January 2012 a strategic and operational cooperation agreement has been formalized with Novation in the United States.


Einkaufgemeischaft Komunaler Krankenhauser - EKK (
Dienstleistungs- und Einkaufsgemeinschaft Kommunaler Krankenhäuser eG im Deutschen Städtetag was founded in 1998 with the intention to achieve better pricing through group procurement for its member hospitals. Today EKK represents more than 60 hospitals and has a collective procurement volume of more than 650 million Euros.


Clinic Cost Control - CCC (
Clinic Cost Control  GmbH&Co.KG was founded in 2004 with the idea to connect different procurement organizations in Europe, with the goal to optimize their respective national procurement conditions by capitalizing on the opportunities that the European Union has to offer.


Novation (

Novation is the largest Group Procurement Organization in the Healthcare sector in the United States. Novation serves approximately 65,000 member hospitals and affiliates of VHA (a national network of not-for-profit health care organizations), UHC (an alliance of the nation's leading nonprofit academic medical centers) and Provista. Last year, these members purchase more than 40 billion USD through Novation.