group procurement
group procurement

Volume bundeling and contracting

Group Procurement is the process of accumulating volume from different parties and going to market together to achieve a stronger buying position.

GPO-Healthcare initiates,organises and coordinates this process between all stakeholders within the hospitals and between the hospitals.  With this accumulated volume GPO-Healthcare chooses the most appropriate "way to market". This way with a stronger negotiating position, better prices and better conditions are realised for the participating hospitals.

This way participating hospitals benefit from better conditions than they would have been able to achieve by themselves.

Centralised product knowledge

GPO-Healthcare ensures specialised product category information is available for all participating institutions. This specific knowledge is either available from within GPO-Healthcare or made accesible from one of the participating institutions. This way the most efficient use is made of expertise, so that not every hospital individually will need to invest in this knowledge source.

Efficient procurement process

By collectively and simultaneously "going to market" all parties involved in the procurement process (hospitals and suppliers) save time and money, because of the efficiency of going to market once instead of multiple individual parallel tenders.